View What Is Right Side Brain Function Gif. When you're doing mathematical and analytical thinking, for example the right side of your brain looks at the whole scenario and tells your body what to do. While the idea of right brain/left brain thinkers has been debunked, its popularity persists.

How The Left And Right Side Of Brain Are Different |
How The Left And Right Side Of Brain Are Different | from

There is still not enough evidence to determine the exact functions of this side of the brain. It keeps us organized and focused. Your right brain is what creates humor and wit.

The lefts side would process all the information in sequential.

Contents right & left brain functions list what does right brain control? You've probably also heard that the right hemisphere of the brain is the emotional, creative side. Aside from their positions in your skull, they function differently. In human neuroanatomy, brain asymmetry can refer to at least two quite distinct findings:

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