View Brain Diagram Optic Nerve Pics. When light enters the eye, it hits the retina, which contains rods and cones. In the brain, the optic nerve transmits vision signals to the lateral geniculate nucleus (lgn), where visual information is relayed to the visual cortex of the brain that converts the image impulses into objects that we see.

Cranial Nerves of the Brain (12 Pairs)
Cranial Nerves of the Brain (12 Pairs) from

The optic nerve transmits special sensory information for sight. How the eye works 2. Neurons, or nerve cells, are the cells that perform all of the communication and processing within the brain.

It is not surrounded by schwann cells with the first sensory bipolar cell body located periphe.

The optic nerve transmits information to the brain regarding a person's vision. It is the control centre for every single thing occurring in your body. Increased intracranial pressure, tumours, and increased vascular. The optic nerve (cn ii) is the second cranial nerve which, along with the olfactory nerve (cn i), is really an extension of the central nervous system.

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