View Brain Anatomy Optic Chiasm Pictures. At the optic chiasm, nerve fibers from half of the retina cross over to the opposite side of the brain. It can be divided into extracranial (outside the cranial cavity) and intracranial components.

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Within the chiasma, the optic nerves undergo a partial decussation. In the human eye, the optic nerve receives light signals from about 125 million photoreceptor cells (known as rods and cones) via two intermediate. At the point of the optic chiasm, information from the right visual field (which comes from both eyes) is sent to the left side of.

Anatomy different parts of the brain have different functions (unlike many other organs) gray matter is the location of cell bodies white matter is comprised of cell axons (the long cellular processes that conduct electrical impulses throughout the cns) anatomic derangements disturb function.

Find the optic chiasma half on your brain. This image shows the back of the brain stem and the structures under the cerebri with the major vessels on them. The optic nerve from each eye merges just below the brain at a point called the optic chiasm. It lies in the chiasmatic cistern and along with the pituitary stalk, is completely encircled by the circle of willis.

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