Get What Are The 5 Parts Of The Brain And Their Functions Gif. At a high level, the brain can be divided into the cerebrum, brainstem and cerebellum. It is divided into four sections:

Memorizing The Brain - Encephalon's Orbit
Memorizing The Brain – Encephalon's Orbit from

Whether you're studying it in class, preparing for an ap exam, or just curious about brain structure, in this article, you'll learn about the main parts of brain anatomy and their functions and as well as get a general. There is quite a significant amount of anatomy snugged into the brain. Major brain parts and regions:

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Your brain is so powerful and so diverse, it's a big task to name all its different functions. As part of the nervous system, it manages and coordinates all of our body's functions. Brain and spinal cord injury curriculum using pictures from magazines, students make a collage of pictures that represent the brain functions controlled by their selected lobe(s). This part regulates functional memory and language.

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