Get How To Memorize Brain Lobe Functions PNG. Visual functions, language, reading, internal stimuli, tactile. This lobe controls a several elements including creative thought parietal lobe:located in the cerebral hemisphere, this lobe focuses on comprehension.

About the Brain - Headway Thames Valley
About the Brain – Headway Thames Valley from

The parietal lobe interprets the senses, such as touch and taste. 2 solve some puzzles or brain games. Temporal brain lobes are responsible for listening, as well as converting sounds into pictures.

There are four generally recognized.

The frontal lobe is one of four lobes in the cerebral hemisphere. It contains the motor cortex, which is involved in planning and coordinating movement; The cerebral lobes have many functions like recognition of pain,heat,touch,vision,hearing,smell.also there are basal nuclei which. Scientists have found… • the right hemisphere is responsible for spatial functions.

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