Get Brain Lobes Diagram Functions Gif. The human brain consists of the frontal, occipital, temporal, and parietal lobes. The frontal lobe is generally where higher executive functions including emotional regulation, planning, reasoning and problem solving occur.

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These are known as gyri (bumps) and sulci (groves or fissures). The lobes of the brain are regions of characterized activity within the brain. This lobe is located in the middle of the brain, and is largely responsible for processing tactile sensory information such pain, touch and pressure.

The frontal lobe deals with cognitive and reasoning functions, as well as motor skills.

Physiological functions of human brain involves in reception of information from the body, understanding it (through cognitive process), and motor functions: Although in brain functions, left and right hemispheres have the same essential role, the left is often solely attributed with personality and the right solely with intelligence. It contains four lobes, each. This lobe is located at the front of the brain and is associated with reasoning, motor skills, higher level cognition, and expressive language.

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