49+ What Is The Function Of Ventricles In Brain Background. On the floor or wall of each ventricle is a spongy mass of blood capillaries called a choroid plexus, named for its histological resemblance to a fetal membrane called the what are the different types of enlarged ventricles of brain? Within each ventricle is a region of choroid plexus which produces the circulating cerebrospinal fluid (csf).

Csf & ventricles
Csf & ventricles from image.slidesharecdn.com

Analyzing the csf can help diagnose different pathological conditions. Meninges, ventricles and brain blood supply : The human brain is a specialized organ that is responsible for all thought and movement that the body produces.

The brain ventricles or ventriculi cerebri in latin, are four cavities embedded in the brain system and filled with the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) (1).

Want to learn more about it? Lumbar punctures are when csf is removed from near the tail of our spinal cord. They are the largest of the ventricles and have extensions that resemble horns. How many ventricles of the brain are there?

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