49+ What Is Forebrain Midbrain Hindbrain Pics. The brain's three major divisions — forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain — are responsible for sending and receiving different information. The medulla oblongata, also called medulla or myelencephalon, is an enlargement the pone is a bridge of transverse nerve tracts from the cerebrum of the forebrain to both sides of the cerebellum.

Adult Derivatives of the Forebrain, Midbrain, and Hindbrain
Adult Derivatives of the Forebrain, Midbrain, and Hindbrain from www.netterimages.com

The main difference that is found in the parts of the brain lies in the different functions that they what are the major lobes found in the forebrain? The forebrain plays a crucial role in the processing of information that is related to complex cognitive. The hindbrain has three parts:

Also known as mesencephalon, your midbrain connects to both the forebrain and hindbrain.

The anterior portion of the midbrain consisting of large bundles of nerve fiber tracts that connect the forebrain to the hindbrain. The midbrain contains the reticular formation, which is important for sleep and arousal, as well as the substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area. The hindbrain contains the structures of the brainstem (medulla, pons, and. The components of the forebrain include:

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