49+ What Are The 5 Major Regions Of The Brain Pics. That depends on which brain regions / functions are interlinked in that moment; Major areas include the occipital lobe, parietal lobes, temporal lobes, and frontal lobes.

Schematic representation of the brain regions analyzed ...
Schematic representation of the brain regions analyzed … from www.researchgate.net

Its four major regions make this possible: What general functions have been ascribed or studied in. This region of thebrain is involved in auditory and visual responses.

Most of this region consists of the right and left thalamus.

A complex of structures roughly the size of an apricot, its two major sections. Cerebellum also known as the little brain. The same parts are present, but they differ greatly in size and shape. Its prominent outer portion, the cerebral cortex, not only processes sensory and.

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