47+ What Part Of The Brain Is The Right Side Pics. Understanding which part of the brain is dominant in a person is essential in determining which learning style is more effective. It is located in the head, usually close to the sensory organs for senses such as vision.

My Stroke of Insight—Synchronicity Strikes Again - C. LaVielle
My Stroke of Insight—Synchronicity Strikes Again – C. LaVielle from www.clavielle.com

But if that's true, that's probably the minority of cases, corballis says. Cerebellum the cerebellum is a lot smaller. These are the muscles used to click a computer mouse button, ride a bike, run a race, or there are some scientists that think the right and left sides of the cerebral cortex specialize in different work.

And the left half controls the right side.

The cerebellum controls a person's balance. It has a heavily folded grey surface, the pattern of which is different from one person to the next. Bicameral in the sense that there are two chambers in the brain. Many people tend to have a left or right brain dominance which is a factor in what they might.

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