45+ Pons Diagram Of Brain Images. It sorts and relays messages between different sections of the brain. Your brain is incredibly complex.

Pons Definition And Function
Pons Definition And Function from psychapprentice.weebly.com

The cerebellum and the cerebrum are. Caudal pons a number of important nuclei, associated in part with cranial nerves, are present in the caudal pons. The pons contains nerves and nerve tracts (pathways) that integrate brain functions such as movement and sensory messages between the brain and the body.

It falls in the category of the hindbrain.

A brain structure that relays information from the cerebellum to the rest of the brain the part of the brainstem that links the medulla oblongata and the thalamus. Is it affected by midbrain injuries? The pons (varolii) is the middle portion of the three parts of the brainstem, sitting above the medulla and below the midbrain. A diagram of the brain identifying the different lobes by color.

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