37+ The Brain Diagram Diencephalon Pictures. The diencephalon is connected above and in front with the cerebral hemispheres; Part 6 in a 10 part lecture on the brain in a flipped human anatomy course taught by wendy riggs.

4 - The diencephalon located just above the brainstem. Its ...
4 – The diencephalon located just above the brainstem. Its … from www.researchgate.net

(label for diencephalon is at left.) One can see it by cutting into the central section of the the limbic system along the border between the cerebrum and the diencephalon is a region known as the limbic system. Read to find out more about the function of the diencephalon and the telencephalon (or cerebrum) comprise the two major divisions of your prosencephalon.

A diagram of the structure of the brain of fish (а), amphibians (б), reptiles (в), mammals (д).

Another way to subdivide the brain is: The cerebrum, diencephalon the diencephalon mediates sensations, manages emotions, and commands whole internal systems. It includes tons of synapses. The brain also contains four interconnected cavities called ventricles, which contain cerebrospinal fluid.

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