31+ Picture Of The Brain Parts And Functions Pictures. The brain role, as part of the central nervous system is to regulate most functions of human body, including vital functions such as heart rate or breathing, basic functions like being hungry, sleeping, or sexual instinct, also complex functions like speaking, thinking picture 1: It controls different motor functions, and regulates awareness, attention, and some autonomic functions.

Different Parts of the brain and their functions | Read ...
Different Parts of the brain and their functions | Read … from readbiology.com

Different parts of the brain have specific functions, but they work together to. The brain is the part of the body which lets animals make sense of things. The brain is a remarkably complex organ comprised of billions of interconnected neurons and glia.

It assembles the messages in an exceedingly.

The main function of the temporal lobes is to process audible sounds. It controls all senses and functions of the body. Brain anatomy and function medical illustration basic this exhibit features four color coded illustrations depicting the anatomy and functions of the brain. Multiple neurons travel from the forebrain and midbrain through the medulla.

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