31+ How To Remember Medulla Oblongata Pictures. The medulla oblongata helps regulate heart rate, breathing, the diameter of blood vessels, and reflexive actions such as swallowing and vomiting. The medulla oblongata sits at the lowest part of the brain stem.

Medulla Oblongata Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...
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It is just on top of the spinal cord.

The medulla oblongata or simply the medulla is the most caudal part of the brainstem between the pons superiorly and spinal cord inferiorly. The medulla oblongata (medulla) is one of the three regions that make up the brainstem. The medulla oblongata is involved in several functions of the body relating to the regulation of important sensory, motor, and mental processes, including These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your.

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