30+ What Is The Occipital Lobe Of The Brain Responsible For Background. The occipital lobe is also responsible for analyzing contents, such as shapes, colors, and movement, and also for interpreting and drawing conclusions about the images we see. The surface of the occipital lobe is a series of folds, including ridges called gyri and depressions called sulci.

Astounding Facts About the Lobes of the Brain and Their ...
Astounding Facts About the Lobes of the Brain and Their … from media.buzzle.com

The frontal lobe is it contains the motor cortex , which is involved in planning and coordinating movement; The cerebral cortex of the brain—a part of the brain shared by all vertebrates—is the newest part of the brain, evolutionarily speaking. Occipital lobe function involves receiving visual stimuli from the retinas of the eyes, processing this information, associating what is seen with our visual memory, and forwarding this processed data to other regions of the brain.

The frontal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, and temporal lobe have different locations and functions that support the responses and actions of the human body.

( see the diagrammatic representation below.) each lobe is responsible for different functions: Gray matter is primarily responsible for processing and interpreting information the occipital lobe is the back part of the brain that is involved with vision. The lobes of the brain were originally a purely anatomical classification, but have been shown also to be related to different brain functions. Each is responsible for a different aspect of visual processing.

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