26+ Thalamus In Brain Diagram PNG. Strokes are caused when there is a problem or issue with the blood flowing to the brain. The thalamus functions as an anatomical region of the brain, located in the center of the brain, between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain.

Limbic System: Amygdala, Hypothalamus, Thalamus
Limbic System: Amygdala, Hypothalamus, Thalamus from fthmb.tqn.com

Thalamus within the human brain (left). The thalamus is a part of the brain found near where the cerebrum and brainstem meet in the dorsal region of the diencephalon. Brain structure below the thalamus and main portion of the ventral region of the diencephalon, controlling homeostatic and nonhomeostatic figure 6.2 frontal section of the brain.

When considering the lateral group of thalamic nuclei, it helps to imagine the thalamus as a double decker bus.

Labeled medical diagram with brain structure. The thalamus surrounds the third ventricle. Try our free brain diagrams and quizzes. The forebrain (or prosencephalon) is made up of our incredible cerebrum, thalamus, hypothalamus and pineal gland among other features.

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