25+ What Side Of The Brain Is The Medulla On Images. It allows both sides to communicate to. Click for more facts & information.

Brain Stem- Week 2 at Northeast Ohio Medical University ...
Brain Stem- Week 2 at Northeast Ohio Medical University … from classconnection.s3.amazonaws.com

These nuclei control the reflexes of the nearby cranial nerves while inferior colliculi contain brain nuclei that act in auditory reflexes such as turning toward a sound. The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system. It gets input from sense organs, and changes behavior in response to this information.

As the name indicates, the sensory areas are associated with the comprised of hindbrain, medulla and pons, the brainstem is the posterior most part of the brain that extends backward to join the spinal cord.

It is part of the limbic system, which controls. The medulla is easily the most important part of the brain. The medulla's position as the lowest part of the brainstem also causes it to also be a conduit for a number of tracts that pass from the spinal cord at the junction of the medulla and spinal cord, the corticospinal tract decussates, or crosses over to the other side of the body, before continuing down. The cerebrum is associated with information storage and processing.

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