23+ Top View Of A Brain Background. Ways to view the brain: The nervous system (including the brain) has several orientational directions.

Human Brain , Top View Stock Images - Image: 27947544
Human Brain , Top View Stock Images – Image: 27947544 from thumbs.dreamstime.com

Although such an approach has been remarkably productive, it ignores the alternative possibility that brain functions are mainly … It also has other, newer sections that developed around the older ones. The idea that our brains are like giant supercomputers, orchestrating and determining everything we do, has gained ground in recent years.

Ask your participants to imagine themselves in the role of a person whose experience relates to your brainstorming goal (a client, upper management, a service provider).

Top bulge of olfactory nerve. After reading 'top brain, bottom brain' i was persuaded. Our emotions also come into play when we're interacting with the world, new research finds. The four lobes of the brain are the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes (figure 2).

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