21+ Labeled Parts Of Human Brain Background. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the human brain: The human brain is an astonishing organ that takes care of each function and action of the body.

Human Brain Illustrations | MedicalNDX
Human Brain Illustrations | MedicalNDX from medicalndx.com

The human brain is hugely interconnected but three major components can be identified: We explain the different parts of the brain, their structures, and how they work together. Many neuroscientists even term it as an organ system within an organ the basic divisions of the brain are:

Looking for human brain diagram that will help you understand the anatomy of the brain?

The labeled human brain diagram contains labels for: It has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals. It's the defining feature of the human species. It sits underneath the back of your cerebrum and is shown in brown in the diagram above.

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