20+ Aqa Psychology Brain Diagram Background. Broca's and wernicke's areas, split brain research. Brain and nervous system (aqa).

AQA GCSE Psychology, Brain and Neuropsychology, New Spec ...
AQA GCSE Psychology, Brain and Neuropsychology, New Spec … from dryuc24b85zbr.cloudfront.net

It receives information from the sensory receptors and passes it to the appropriate areas of the cerebral cortex, acts as a gate/filter for info, and plays a role in sleep, wakefulness and ocd. Hi, does anyone have a brain diagram with the following areas labeled: Neuroscience is a relatively new field, but the more research that is done, the more it appears that much of human behavior and mental processes—the key interests for psychological study—are intimately.

Studied the brains of taxi drivers, found more grey matter in the posterior hippocampus than the control group.

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