19+ Labeled Parts Of A Sheep Brain Pictures. The gap between the cerebrum and the cerebellum at the transverse fissure can reveal some internal parts of the brain. The sheep has a smaller cerebrum.

Diagram of Sheep Brain - Inferior view
Diagram of Sheep Brain – Inferior view from droualb.faculty.mjc.edu

You are responsible for identifying the following structures in sheep brain specimens & corresponding structures in the human brain plates shown in red. In this image, a student is bending the cerebellum down to show the. This is another part that by have been removed with the dura mater.

Sheep brain dissection with labeled images sheep brain dissection.

Click on label for the labeled model. By melanie lewi, julia baird, and olivia anderson. The sheep brain dissection guide uses frames and it may not be compatible with all web browsers!! Follow the same procedure with a section of the cerebellum, then compare and contrast the two.

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