10+ Brain Diagram Cranial Nerves Images. In contrast, spinal nerves emerge from segments of the cranial nerve anatomy and terminology. The cranial nerves are loosely based on their functions.

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• primary source of innervation for 4 of the extraocular muscles. The 10 cranial nerves originate in the brainstem, which includes the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla.two emerge from the cerebrum the olfactory and the optic cranial nerves. Cn i can often be seen on axial magnetic resonance imaging of the brain at the level of the temporal lobes.

Nerves which originate from the brain or the brainstem are referred to as the cranial nerves.

The cranial nerves are the 12 paired sets of nerves that arise from the cerebrum or brainstem and leave the central nervous system through cranial foramina rather than through the spine. • nuclei and tracts linking the cerebellum with the brain • occulomotor nerves (iii). Labeled diagram with brain sections and its functions with senses. Some of the cranial nerves are involved in the special senses (such as seeing, hearing, and taste), and others control muscles in the face or regulate glands.

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